Scientific Service Group Microscopy


Dr. Tobias Rasse (Group Leader)

Janett Piesker (Technician: Sample Preparation & Electron Microscopy)

Dr. Sebastien Gauvrit (Imaging Specialist: Light Microscopy)



The scientific service group microscopy provides resources, technology, and expertise to study the morphology and function of cells, tissues, and organisms. Supported imaging technologies range from the visualization of molecules, cellular light and electron microscopy to automated scanning and analysis of hundreds of microscope slides. We teach all the technology we offer as a service, continuously evaluate new technology, establish novel application workflows, carry out quality control, maintain facility instruments, consult users on experimental design, offer advice on data management, and provide limited support for image analysis.


Strategic Plan

Global cellular organization shapes and constrains organ function; alterations in cellular networks are of high diagnostic and prognostic value. Therefore, we plan to establish a quantitative framework to capture, analyze and compare the organization of organs using light and electron microscopy. To this aim we have initiated the following Service Pilots: Quantitative Semi-Automated EM, which aims at automating the time-consuming task of manual data acquisition in electron microscopy, and Large High-resolution Scans, 3D Whole Embryo Reconstruction, and Towards Full Automation of Image Capture and Processing, which together pave the way for the establishment of a digital pathology platform. Please contact us if you want to learn more about these projects.

Sample preparation and handling

Electron Microscopy

Light Microscopy

Quality Management

Image Analysis

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