AG Wheeler

Molecular mechanisms underlying muscle development, homeostasis and disease

Scientific focus
The cellular process of proliferation, self-renewal and differentiation is stringently controlled by a network of transcription factors that are regulated by several signaling pathways including Wnt/ß-catenin and TGF-ß. Normal embryonic development and postnatal growth is dependent on the precise temporal and spatial activation/ inactivation of these signaling pathways which ultimately leads to changes in chromatin structure and gene expression. We are focused on understanding these processes and how deregulation of specific signaling pathways leads to disease.


Group members

Alexander Stubenvoll
Megan Rice
Parisa Ghanbari
Sophie Schäfer

Lavanya Iyer
Lei Wang
Yassin Rahman

Applications for Master and PhD student positions are welcome. 


Matthew Wheeler, PhD.
Dept. I - Cardiac Development and Remodeling
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